Salibel is a Uruguayan company, which exports natural honey in bulk and strives for excellence. It’s guiding principle is “to provide customers with the product they want in the desired time, form, quality and place”, as articulated by it CEO Juan A. Tassano.

About us

Salibel is comprised of a team of qualified professionals with diverse backgrounds. Its owners are Juan A. Tassano, CEO, and Irene Silva, Sales Director. Juan A. Tassano is a Public Accountant, with a B.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. He has a wealth of professional experience in the financial area, which he gained working for different Uruguayan companies. After joining the honey business in 2004 as beekeeper and co-owner of a honey extraction plant, he rapidly transitioned towards the export activity thus funding Salibel in 2006. Irene Silva is a Public Accountant, with a B.Sc. in Business Administration from the University of the Republic of Uruguay. Following a comprehensive career in the Uruguayan banking sector, she joined the honey business in 2009 in the capacity as Salibel’s Sales Director.

About Salibel

Since its origins in 2006, Salibel’s consistent growth and thriving activity have placed it as a serious and strong competitor in the Uruguayan honey export market. Last year it ranked as the third largest honey export company in the country. It has a broad base of customers and exports honey to several countries, including Germany, the United States, Spain, and France, among others. Salibel’s main assets are its trusted clients and committed beekeepers, who provide it with natural honey of excellent quality from all across the country.


Uruguay provides high-quality honey free of residues and unadulterated. Both Eucalyptus and polyflora honey are produced locally.

 The Uruguayan honey sector is strictly regulated and closely monitored by the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries. The National Traceability System, introduced in 2006, allows for the through tracking of the honey along the process of production and commercialisation. Each exported honey drum may be traced back in the supply chain up to the very apiary where it was produced. 

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